Ballad of the black snail. Children's poetry by García Lorca

Ballad of the black snail. Children's poetry by García Lorca

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The classical poets have been passed down from generation to generation, turning their verses into delicate melodies recited by thousands of children. One of the most illustrious poets of the 20th century was Federico García Lorca, whose work we continue to read today with remembering moments of yesterday.

One of the most famous children's poems by García Lorca is the Ballad of the black snail. Therefore, in Guiainfantil We suggest that you teach these magnificent verses to your children so that they can read it and get to know a little more about one of the most important authors in Spanish literature.

Black snails.

Children sitting

they listen to a story.

The river brought

wind crowns

Y a big snake

from an old log

I looked at the clouds

rounds of the sky.

My boy boy

Where are you?

I feel you

in the heart

and it is not true.

Far you wait for me to get

your soul of silence

Large snails.

Black snails

Author: Federico García Lorca

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