Pearl. Rugeles poetry for children

Pearl. Rugeles poetry for children

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Manuel Felipe Rugeles He left a great mark on children's literature, not only in Venezuela, his native country, but throughout the world, since his works are capable of teaching and bringing children closer to reality. His poems are a true reflection of life and nature, two vital elements in children's learning.

The poem below is from his book Sing lollipop, a work aimed at children and that in Guiainfantil We wanted to recover so that your children have the opportunity to get to know Rugeles' poetic voice up close.

In mother-of-pearl box

the pearl is born

and in a mother-of-pearl box

my eyes saw her.

What is gray say some

Others, that it is bluish.

That has a burning

in pink, far away.

From the sea of ​​pearls

light of the Caribbean.

The pearl that I have seen

I want it in your hands

Snow off your neck

Light from your throat

Island girl

my whitest pearl!

Author: Manuel Felipe Rugeles

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