Most popular names for boys that begin with the letter I

Most popular names for boys that begin with the letter I

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Choosing a baby's name is not always an easy task. There are parents who are very clear about the name, while for others, putting the baby's name is one of the most complicated decisions. To please the family with a traditional name or, on the contrary, to follow the trends in names, they are only some of the possibilities of choice.

To make this task of choosing a baby name a little easier for you, we have arranged popular names for boys according to their starting letter. This time, we have a list of 10 names by the letter I where you will surely find the best name for your child.

1. Iker. It is a name of Basque origin of growing popularity in recent years. Its meaning is related to the good news, which is still a declaration of intent for your child. A fresh and original name that is a safe bet.

2. Ivan. The name is of Russian origin, although it is the Slavic variant of the classic and omnipresent Juan. In this version, Iván gains in elegance and distinction, without losing the strength and personality that emanates from this simple and classic name.

3. Izan. With an unclear origin and meaning, it is probably an English origin name equivalent to Ethan. We are facing a name for a modern, charismatic boy with an enormous appeal to which is added its mysterious origin.

4. Ishmael. This name is of Hebrew origin and has been passed down to us through biblical tradition. It is a very charming name that is distinguished and original despite its long tradition. Ismael sounds like elegance and calm and that is why his popularity remains unchanged.

5. Ignacio. It is a name of Latin origin with a meaning related to fire. Ignacio is a traditional name, one of those familiar and traditional names that do not lose strength with use, but are reinvented in each generation to continue being current.

6. Isaac. The name has a Hebrew origin and a meaning related to joy, something that will undoubtedly accompany your child throughout his life. It is a traditional name known through biblical tradition, but since it was not a frequent name, it has not been worn down with use and maintains an original touch.

7. Israel. The same happens with this name, Israel, also of Hebrew origin and also very well known but not widely used. It is a name that inspires familiarity and confidence, so it can be perfect for your child.

8. Imanol. It is a name of Basque origin, a variant of the more classic Manuel. Few names like Imanol can be found to give your child elegance, dignity and charisma. Strong and with personality, Imanol is a success.

9. Íñigo. Again, a name of Basque origin with a special force that has managed to cross its local borders to become one of the most popular names for boys. And it is that Íñigo sounds aristocratic and noble and is endowed with an unusual elegance.

10. Ildefonso. The name has a Germanic origin and a meaning related to courage and a fighting spirit. It has been transmitted to us through religious tradition, but time has managed to revitalize this traditional name until it is totally new and original.

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