Most popular names for boys that begin with the letter N

Most popular names for boys that begin with the letter N

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There are times when naming your baby becomes a difficult decision. While some want to follow the family tradition In names for boys, others prefer a more personalized name for their baby.

To help with this task a bit, we have arranged popular names for boys according to their starting letter. In this list of names beginning with letter N you will surely find the best name for your child.

1. Nicolas. It is a name of Greek origin with a meaning that speaks of victory. It is an elegant name that provides a sophisticated touch because it has not been worn down by use. And it is that Nicolás is still very topical.

2. Nestor. The name is of Greek origin and has been passed down to us through Homer's Iliad. Although its meaning is related to the memory, the name sounds prudent and balanced, characteristics that will also accompany your child.

3. Nelson. It is a name of Irish origin with a meaning that speaks of champions, a statement of intent for your child. The name enjoys great popularity in Latin America and it is inevitable to relate it to the charisma of the icon Nelson Mandela.

4. Norman. The name is of Germanic origin and refers to those who come from the north. It is a name that is gaining popularity among our children because it has an original and elegant air. In addition, this name that spreads throughout the world is not lacking in personality and charisma.

5. Noel. This name is of French origin and inevitably refers us to Christmas. Like it because it sounds modern, although it has been known since ancient times, and for that original and charismatic touch that will reinforce the personality of your child.

6. Nathan. It is the English version of a name of Hebrew origin whose meaning refers to a gift from the gods. In this variant it is elegant and current, although the name is not new, as we already find it in the biblical stories.

7. Norberto. The name has a Germanic origin and a meaning that tells us of the splendor of the people of the north. It is a traditional name that has not been widely used, so it maintains an original and distinguished air.

8. Nicanor. This name has a Greek origin and literally means "victor". We are facing one of those traditional names with an unusual charisma that have managed to reinvent themselves to be current at all times.

9. Nereo. It is a name of Greek origin totally linked to the classical mythological tradition. Nereus was a Greek marine divinity, specifically the god of the waves of the sea, so it seems to us one of the most attractive names for your child.

10. Narcissus. Again a name of Greek origin from mythology, represented in the figure of that young man so beautiful that he could not help but admire himself observing his reflection in the waters of a lake. Beauty and seduction are the qualities that will always accompany Narcissus.

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