The handkerchief. Traditional game for children

The handkerchief. Traditional game for children

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The classic children's games they were, for the most part, physical activities where agility, running and jumping were part of the children's daily lives. In the present day, children's pastimes have changed, although it still follows the spirit of the traditional in schools.

One of the games that children used the most was the handkerchief game. In Guiainfantil We remind you how this fun hobby was played so that you can teach it to your children so they can do the same as their parents did when they were little.

The handkerchief game encompasses the values ​​of camaraderie and team competitiveness, since it is a game that faces two even teams in order to win the final victory.

As in the game of chairs, one person must act as a neutral judge and stand in the center of the two teams extending a handkerchief with his arm.

To begin with, each member of the team will be assigned a number and will be paired with the opponent who has the same number. The person who will act as judge must say aloud the number and the two participants they will run to remove the handkerchief and carry it to its base. If the one who takes the handkerchief is caught by the opponent before reaching their base, the point will go to the other team.

The winner will be the team with the most points, either by taking the scarf to the base or by catching their rival.

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