The 10 commandments of a good mother

The 10 commandments of a good mother

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There are no books or schools that can teach children more than the example of their parents. Children copy and imitate everything about their parents, both the good and the bad. There are no perfect mothers but you must, together with the father of your child, strive to give him an example, according to values ​​such as truth, I respect, the tolerance, effort, solidarity, understanding ... And don't forget the good mood. You'll see how it's worth it.

Books to educate children

Honor father and mother It is a value that he will teach his children a lot. The way you treat your parents or your in-laws will be the same as your children will treat you. Grandparents are a source of wisdom, affection and affection for children. Children can learn a lot, everything, with them.

All about Grandparents and grandchildren

Communication is an essential ingredient in a family. Encourage family reunion and gathering to talk, chat about their interests, etc. Family dialogue is a good tool to strengthen the trust between parents and children. If your child asks you a question, don't leave him unanswered. If at the time of asking you do not know or do not have time to answer it, tell your child that he will do it at another time. Also, remember that you should help your children to learn to take care of themselves, to be independent, to do their homework, take care of their hygiene, etc.

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Nor will you humiliate them in public or at home. Violence against a child or whoever it is is mistreatment and is not justified. If your child does something that you do not like, that is, does not want to eat, hits a classmate, gets bad grades, refuses to go to bed, throws tantrums, etc., you have to help him overcome or correct his mistake. Children are not born knowing everything. Its maturity will depend on your education. Educating with peace, patience and tolerance is the best. It is also important that you and your partner do not argue in front of the children.

All about child punishment

If you get nervous, better try to calm down a bit before talking to them. You will learn to control your emotions, your impulses, and not burden your children with them. This way you will avoid saying and teaching them bad words or hurting them. The way you talk to your children today will be the same way they will talk to you tomorrow. Bad words can hurt them a lot. Words can hurt you deeply.

All about verbal abuse towards children

Stories are rewarding tools in every way. They are the activities that they like the most. A story in the middle of the morning, after lunch, in the afternoon or before going to sleep, is a good activity to stimulate children. The story stimulates their imagination and creativity, and above all, encourages their fantasy and their approach to the book. On our site we have stories with values, stories of parents ... as well as fables for children.

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Food is a basic right and need of children. For children to have a healthy life and ward off diseases, they need to eat properly. It is important to ensure breakfast, the snacks, the lunch and dinner. And also, offer them a balanced and varied diet, so that they get used to eating everything.

All about infant feeding

Even if it's only 10 minutes, you have to set aside time to play exclusively with your children. If possible, get into the habit of playing with them, at the same time, every day. And that on the weekends, this playtime extends a little more. Play with the kids It not only stimulates their creativity and knowledge, but also strengthens the bond between parents and children. Do not distract you with smartphone in front of your son.

All about children's play and toys

What I mean by this? Well, you are no longer alone with your partner. Now you have a child in your arms, who needs and has the right to be cared for, cared for and educated. It does not mean that you have to abandon your work, your daily tasks, but it does mean that many times you will have to stop going to the gym, or reading, meeting with your friends, listening to music, etc., for your children.

Your children should come first and be at the forefront of everything in your life. Children are defenseless beings, who will depend on your look, your hug, your support and affection. It is up to mothers to motivate them, to be patient, to help and support them in all moments of their lives. You will love your children above everything and everyone. They are your children!

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