Types of paintings for children's rooms

Types of paintings for children's rooms

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We have already talked on other occasions about how to choose the color of the walls of children's bedrooms. Today we have to talk about the types of paint we can use to decorate our children's rooms. Painting is a decoration technique that can also be easy, quite inexpensive. We can renew the appearance of a room by applying a coat of paint in a totally different color from the one there was, combining different tones or applying effect techniques and spending very little money on it.

As initial advice we will tell you that you always choose a quality painting, because in addition to the fact that the application will be easier because it covers more in each hand, its durability will also be greater. We can classify the paintings into: water-based paint or latex and oil-based paint or enamels.

Most paints are oil or water based. The safest paints for children's rooms are those that are water-based, such as plastic ones. They are very easy to clean due to their uniform and smooth finish that prevents dirt from penetrating to the deepest layers. They are also non-toxic, that is, they do not contain chemical compounds that can harm the child. Avoid oil-based paints because of their high concentration of harmful chemicals.

If painting contains latex it can be harmful to those children who are allergic to it. It exists in the market, and more and more brands include them, hypoallergenic paints. They are designed for situations in which it is necessary to immediately inhabit the room since they do not give off odor and respiratory problems are avoided in very sensitive people. They are also widely used in baby bedrooms.

Within the finishes we can find:

Glossy finish: they are easier to clean with soap and water but will highlight wall imperfections. It can also produce unwanted glare and reflections. Not advisable in children's rooms.

Sanctinized finish: also easy to clean and very delicate.

Matte finish: it hides imperfections very well although it is more susceptible to stains and prevents annoying reflections.

A special type of paint that our children will enjoy a lot is the chalkboard paint. Leave a space on the wall of your room for them to develop their creativity and imagination. You just have to keep in mind that the surface on which you use it is smooth. You can use a MDF board and hang it on the wall at your height. You can also choose the color you prefer.

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