Children do know how to share

Children do know how to share

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How funny that sharing, right? Many parents become overwhelmed and desperate because their child does not learn to share his toys and things with other children. We are always repeating to them how important it is to share, that we must not be selfish, but it turns out that an experiment - Share Experiment, promoted by Action Against Hunger, shows the opposite. Children do know how to share.

We have a lot to learn from children, their natural abilities and gestures, their purity, their way of seeing and dealing with many situations. They are so special! Many times they teach us much more than we teach them. Action Against Hunger, an international humanitarian organization whose mission is to save lives by eliminating hunger through the prevention, detection and treatment of malnutrition in the most vulnerable populations, launches an experiment that makes us reflect on behavior of the human being when faced with the reality of a poorly distributed world.

In this video that we share with you, the children give us a lesson in solidarity. Two children wait in a room while a lady tells them that she has to leave them to run errands and that in the meantime they can eat from the plate in front of her. When the lady leaves the room, the children discover that there is a sandwich on the plate of one and that the other is empty. They look at each other, they laugh, but since since childhood sharing is something natural, the one who has the sandwich ends up breaking his snack and sharing it with the other.

Of the 20 children subjected to the investigation, 20 shared their food. It is clear that with just one gesture, that of sharing, we can save the lives of millions of children who do not receive enough food to grow and survive. Fighting hunger is easier if we all share something. How can it be that in a world with the capacity to feed twice its population, more than 3 million children die of hunger each year? Together, we must learn with the children to share. Let's start, for example, by sharing this video. You think?

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