The loquios: how to act

The loquios: how to act

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Postpartum is usually the least widespread of the entire biological process of having a child, but the days after are just as important as the days before giving birth. We seem to hear bells about the bloody losses or hemorrhages that we will have, the discomfort in the rise of the milk, the recovery of the silhouette, the resumption of sexual relations, but many times, with our first child we sail in a sea of ​​doubts.

Knowing what awaits us and knowing how to act is important so that they do not add to our maternal insecurities, doubts or physical problems. After delivery, there are residual losses of blood, mucus and tissue from the uterus, which are called lochia.

These losses vary in duration from one woman to another, for some they last as little as two weeks and for others almost six. Likewise, they do not have the same intensity, at first they can be quite copious bleeding to gradually decrease and present a more pinkish appearance, and finally brownish and very scarce.

Whether we have had a vaginal delivery or a cesarean section, these secretions occur that allow the uterus and vagina to be cleaned. It is advisable to have a scrupulous cleaning of the area, especially if we have undergone an episiotomy and to use cotton tocological compresses and change them often to keep the area dry. Also, while the lochia last, it is advisable not to use tampons to avoid the risk of infection.

Nowadays it is rare that pauperal fevers occur, but it is convenient to check that we do not have a fever or consult a doctor for any suspicious symptoms. In the first weeks we must pamper ourselves, rest, recover from the effort and avoid wanting to get to everything. The recovery process takes time, the uterus has to be cleaned and contracted again and it is advisable to be cautious to avoid infections or ailments that can complicate the beginnings of our motherhood.

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