Why do feet grow during pregnancy

Why do feet grow during pregnancy

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I am not crazy. Although sometimes I have come to think. Since I had my second child, every time I tried on shoes, they tightened me. In the end, I had no choice but to buy one more number. But until now I was reluctant to think that my feet were bigger. I thought the shoes would have been renumbered.

But one day someone finally opened my eyes: if it turns out that during pregnancy my feet grow! Something that I did not know or believe, but that I began to investigate if it were true. And, 'voila!', Most experts affirm and confirm the theory: during pregnancy, not only does the gut grow ... the feet grow too!

As incredible as it may seem, pregnancy subjects a woman's body to such a change that even the bone structure suffers. Not only the curvature of the back, since the spine suddenly has to bear much more weight. Also the feet. And it is not that they swell due to fluid retention, which also, but that they lengthen.

This, which at first glance seems like one of the 'urban legends' of pregnancy, has been proven by scientists. It happens to seven out of ten women, and the blame, once again, is on the hormones. In this case it is relaxin, a hormone that the placenta secretes to make the joints more lax and flexible and thus facilitate the passage of the baby during delivery. But relaxin also affects the ligaments of the foot, specifically the arch of the sole of the foot. Result: a foot longer and flatter by the way.

The problem is that this change in the structure of the foot not only affects its length (it can vary between two and ten millimeters), but it can also cause problems in the sole of the foot. That is, it can cause 'flat feet'. To remedy this as much as possible, experts recommend wearing wider and more flexible footwear during pregnancy, but not going barefoot. The ideal shoe for the pregnant woman would be that wide low-heeled shoe (never flat shoe) and with a good grip on the heel.

So, once proven, if after pregnancy you suddenly have to buy half or even one more shoe size, no, you are not crazy. Your foot has grown, and it is most likely that it will stay as it is ... until the next pregnancy.

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