Homemade ensaimadas. Mallorcan recipe

Homemade ensaimadas. Mallorcan recipe

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The ensaimada It is a sourdough baked and sourdough sweet, of great tradition on the island of Majorca, Spain. It is an artisan product that can be prepared both filled with cream, angel hair, cream, chocolate, etc., as well as without filling.

The word ensaimada comes from ‘saïm’ (which in Mallorcan means lard).

If you want to prepare an ensaimada for your children, you will need a little more patience and effort. Its preparation is not so simple, although the result is worth it. teaches you the ensaimada recipe, step by step.

  • 600 gr. strength flour
  • 200 gr. of sugar
  • 125 gr. lard
  • 3 eggs
  • 25 gr. fresh baker's yeast
  • 150 ml. of warm water)
  • 150 gr. icing sugar

Tips: If you wish, you can use brown sugar in this recipe, as well as fruits, chocolate, cream, angel hair, etc., for the filling of the ensaimada.

1. In a bowl, mix the eggs (whole), the sugar and a tablespoon (soup) of lard.

2. In another container, mix the yeast with the water and stir. When the yeast is diluted, incorporate this mixture with the previous one, and stir.

3. With the help of a strainer, add the sifted flour, little by little, while stirring. Knead to work the dough well until an elastic texture is obtained.

4. Roll the dough into a ball and keep it in a warm place, overnight or until doubled in volume.

5. The next step is to cut the dough into pieces and let them rest for an hour.

6. After this time, spread each piece of dough on a countertop greased with lard, and roll out the dough until it is very thin.

7. Next, roll the dough lengthwise, in a spiral shape. And so with all the chunks we've made.

8. Do not forget to leave space between one ensaimada and another as they tend to increase the volume. Leave them in the oven off until they double in size.

9. Then, put the ensaimadas in the oven (at 180 degrees) for about 30 minutes, or until they turn golden or toasted.

10. Now, you just have to sprinkle the ensaimadas with the icing sugar and fill them with cream, pastry cream, chocolate, fruits, etc.

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