Christmas canteen shaped like a Christmas ball

Christmas canteen shaped like a Christmas ball

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The Christmas Eve dinner or Christmas lunch it is an ideal time to make special and different recipes. It is not always necessary to spend the day in the kitchen to surprise our guests, sometimes simplicity is what triumphs.

For them we present this proposal to make a canapé shaped like a Christmas ball. Children will love it and also, they can perfectly collaborate in its preparation. Merry Christmas!

  • Small tartlets
  • Cheese spread
  • Cured cheese
  • Red pepper
  • Pretzels

Tip: you can vary the ingredients according to your tastes or those of the children.

1. Spread the tart with Philadelphia cheese. Cut a pepper into strips and put them on top of the tartlet, leaving a hole in the middle.

2. In the spaces without pepper add peas and cheese cut into cubes.

3. The final touch is provided by a heart-shaped pretzel as a hook for the Christmas ball.

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