Virgin Mary of plasticine. Christmas figures for children

Virgin Mary of plasticine. Christmas figures for children

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At Christmas we can organize many different and fun activities for children, from preparing cookies to singing Christmas carols. Among her favorites are undoubtedly the crafts, which will also help us to make homemade Christmas decorations.

For the children to have fun this Christmas, in we suggest you do a Christmas nativity scene homemade from plasticine. Follow this tutorial to learn how to make the figure of the Virgin Mary with plasticine, it is very simple and fun!

  • Pink plasticine
  • Red plasticine
  • White plasticine
  • Black plasticine
  • Yellow plasticine
  • Blue plasticine

1. For the body, make two pink balls, one larger than the other. Place the small ball over the large ball to make the head and body.

2. For the Virgin Mary dress, cut out a circle of blue clay and place it on the body. You only need to cover half, the rest will be covered by the mantle.

3. With a larger red clay circle, make the cloak, place it on the opposite side of the dress, and shape the clay so that it covers the back of the body and head. For the eyes, squash two white balls and put them on the face, in the center put a black ball. For the mouth, use a strip of red plasticine.

4. To decorate the Virgin Mary, make five balls of yellow plasticine and one red. Place two of the yellow ones on the neck of the figure, to make the brooch, with the red plasticine ball in the center. With the three remaining balls, make the buttons of the dress.

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