Fetal alcohol syndrome has no cure

Fetal alcohol syndrome has no cure

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If you want your baby to enter the world healthy and in perfect condition, I would advise you not to drink a single drop of alcohol during pregnancy. Data from one study reveal that one in every thousand babies is born with malformations due to the mother's alcoholism during pregnancy. Did you know that fetal alcohol syndrome (FAS) has no cure?

Doctors agree that there is nothing to show below what amount of alcohol there is no risk to the fetus. This means that even if the woman reduces the habit of drinking during pregnancy, it does not make her baby free from suffering from APS. It is best, just in case, not to consume any alcohol during pregnancy. Experts also warn for alcohol consumption before and after pregnancy. It is not recommended in any of the situations.

Babies born with fetal alcohol syndrome can have physical, mental, developmental, and functional problems. Alcohol easily crosses the placenta and the fetus is not as prepared as its mother to eliminate it. When the fetus receives a concentration of alcohol during the first three months of pregnancy, this substance prevents the brain connections of the fetus from forming properly. If it occurs in the last months of pregnancy, alcohol can seriously damage the nervous system of the fetus.

The best way to avoid this syndrome is prevention. As I said above, SAF has no cure. However, when an early diagnosis is made, that is, before 6 years of age, the child's condition can be improved. The consequences are more intensely serious as children get older. It can be suspected that a baby suffers from this syndrome, when the little one is born with low weight, presents / displays a cranial perimeter smaller than normal, wider upper lip, short eyelids, smaller eyes, has growth and intellectual delay, abnormalities in the heart as well as other organs, coordination problems, poor social, learning, emotional and behavioral skills, as well as some malformations such as cleft lip.

This does not mean that the baby with these symptoms suffers from FAS. An accurate diagnosis only the doctor will be able to present.

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