Vinegar for children's lice

Vinegar for children's lice

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With the return to school, the children put their heads together again to hug each other after a few days without seeing each other for the holidays, playing, doing homework and studying. This is the ideal breeding ground for lice to reproduce again and it is time to take action. One of them can be the use of acetic acid, the active principle that many pharmaceutical products contain to eliminate lice and that is part of the composition of vinegar.

Vinegar can effectively combat lice nits that are well attached to children's hair. This natural remedy does not kill or eliminate adult lice, nor nits, but it serves to loosen the eggs from the hair, since the female louse uses her saliva to stick her eggs to the hair, and this saliva is so powerful which works like a glue or cement to ensure that the egg does not come off until it hatches.

Vinegar is a natural product, which arises from the fermentation of apples, grapes, rice or sugar, when exposed to air. The bacteria that turn apples into AIDS or grapes into wine is acetic acid, which gives vinegar its characteristic smell.

But, in addition, acetic acid has antiseptic properties, which allow it to kill germs, when it is prepared in variable concentrations. Acetic acid, in its pure form, is highly corrosive and can be dangerous to work with as it requires special precautions. Vinegar, on the other hand, normally has a low acetic acid concentration, around five percent. However, when used to remove nits from children's hair, it must be diluted: one part vinegar to three parts water.

Using vinegar to treat lice infestation has the advantage of preventing a new infestation. After washing with a head lice shampoo, you can finish the last rinse with a warm white vinegar solution. The vinegar should be as hot as possible to increase its effectiveness.

Afterwards, it is very important to pass the fine-toothed comb or finder through all the hair to get rid of all the nits. Comb all the hair section by section, taking your time to get it right. Repeating the treatment after 7 days is essential. The hair is very shiny, but with a characteristic salad smell that remains throughout the day. For this reason, it is advisable to use lice and nit lotions that contain this acetic acid. They have the advantage of being as effective as pure vinegar, but they smell much better, if the vinegar smell is unpleasant.

Remember that to avoid another lice infestation, you should wash and dry used clothing at the highest possible temperature. Lice do not survive temperatures above 41ºC. And don't forget to put combs and brushes in boiling water with a splash of vinegar for at least five minutes.

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