How the child's tutor should be

How the child's tutor should be

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If both from school and from home you begin to notice that the child needs individualized attention for school support, it is because surely the option of the academy is already exhausted. Individualized attention will always be more beneficial than group classes even with few students.

The private teacher for your child is a good option as long as the child feels unmotivated in the study, their school performance decreases, they do not know how to organize their homework well, they do not have a good study habit, and above all, if as parents you have Tried everything and you feel overwhelmed because telling him to start studying is a conflict.

Usually when this conflict occurs it is because your child feels frustration and / or demotivation towards learning due to their poor performance and then you don't feel like doing anything, but it's like a vicious cycle: the less you do, the worse your grades are, and therefore your demotivation and feeling of frustration will increase.

When this happens you have to give emotional support to the child and value the things you do well and put aside what you do wrong, just remember it as something constructive. But in addition to this support, it is also important to offer school support with a private teacher. The figure of the private teacher is usually well received since the child feels cared for academically and also motivated, something that will undoubtedly increase the child's self-esteem. But what should your child's tutor be like to be suitable? Let's look at some important features:

- Qualification as a teacher, professor or psychopedagogue. The degree is essential for a person to be a good private teacher and teach classes at primary and secondary levels. There are parents who do not give importance to this and it is a fundamental aspect to take into account to guarantee a good teaching of the contents and that the person chosen knows motivation and learning strategies. If the classes must be for a college boy / girl then the degree must be different and according to the student's needs.

- He will not do homework. A private teacher should not do homework with your child, because homework should be done by your child at home in their time dedicated to homework and study. A good teacher must have an active role and teach him to organize his study, to perform mnemonic exercises, to revise, to read comprehensively, to make diagrams, etc. That is, to take advantage of the time with a long-term investment.

- Should have vocation in teaching and getting along with your child so that in this way you can motivate yourself and see that you are capable of doing whatever you set out to do. In this way, if they have questions, they will be able to ask them without feeling ashamed and they will be able to solve all their doubts. Trust is paramount.

- Will have to be a responsible person, have time availability (or at least be flexible in the event of unforeseen events) and above all, that they commit to being with your children throughout the school year.

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