Cereals in the diet of children

Cereals in the diet of children

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The first solid food that is incorporated into the diet of babies is cereals. After the first months of life in which the baby is in the lactation period is when they begin to introduce cereals in their diet in the form of porridge.

Pediatricians advise that it be from the fourth month of the child's life, since his body is ready to digest and assimilate them.

The cereals they are basically carbohydrates, the most basic element in human nutrition. If we look at our teeth we will realize that we are designed for it, we have many more teeth than incisors, a fact that reflects that the human race is 'designed' around grinding carbohydrates than to affect proteins, although these are also necessary in our diet, although to a lesser extent.

Cereals, as part of the group of carbohydrates, provide vitamins, minerals, proteins, fatty acids and fiber to children, becoming a source of vital energy for the day-to-day of the little ones, since vitamins will help children to grow and develop healthier and minerals help better cognitive development.

There is a huge variety of cereals, with more or less fiber, more or less sugar, more or less fat, but what is more important, there are them with and without gluten. So if your child is allergic they will tell you that he has celiac disease. Then you will have to choose rice or corn, since wheat, rye, oats or barley are cereals that contain gluten.

In most of the world it is customary to eat cereals at breakfast time accompanied by a good bowl of milk, but there are other ways to enjoy them, such as mixed with yogurt or ice cream, in salad, and lately they are very Energy bars are in fashion, but in the latter case it should be checked that they are suitable for consumption by children.

Although a balanced diet is always recommended, including meat, fish, vegetables, etc ..., cereals are always a good resource to use in children with eating problems or who eat little, since cereals are easy to eat and they guarantee the necessary nutrients for a diet, at least, correct.

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