Robbie Williams sings while his wife is in labor

Robbie Williams sings while his wife is in labor

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Robbie williams He already has us used to his follies. Eccentric, vital and energetic, this time he has been the protagonist of an unrepeatable moment in his life: the birth of his second child.

We often wonder what husbands or campers can do during the long dilation of labor. Tell jokes? Try to reassure the woman in labor? Robbie Williams seems to have found the answer: sing.

In the beginning Ayda Faithful (woman of Robbie williams) took it as something nice. He even played along. She sang for him and even danced. But the pains were increasing in intensity and there was no longer song that could calm her. However, he was glued to her at all times, continuing to sing. He helped him walk down the hall while on oxytocin and lived every minute of the expulsive. He saw his son being born while he sang 'Let it go' (Frozen).

The British singer has received much criticism for making this moment public through Social Networks, which many consider intimate in principle. However, there is nothing more beautiful and natural than seeing a child being born. Why hide it? Maybe Robbie williams seem somewhat 'numb' to your wife's pain. Many will be thinking: 'very good, he comes to sing, overreacting and she suffering'. But isn't it better that you try to cheer up and fill those tedious and excruciating hours until the baby is born? A joke, a song, a phrase, a story. It's the same, as long as time passes, as quickly as possible. And both, it seems, have enjoyed this moment, as they have said, 'amazing, fascinating and unique'.

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