Bumps and falls during pregnancy

Bumps and falls during pregnancy

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It is said that every pregnant woman has to fall at least once during the nine months of pregnancy. By this time, popular wisdom may be right, since it is relatively common for women to suffer an accident during their pregnancy.

The causes are logical: on the one hand, the increase in the abdomen changes the center of gravity of the woman, making it more unstable. Pregnant women are often clumsier, less agile due to the increase in body weight. In addition, relaxin, a hormone necessary for the pelvis to increase its diameter during labor, permeates all joints making them more lax, and as a consequence sprained ankles is very common (and consequently falls).

Bumps and falls during pregnancy deserve twice the attention, since they will affect the mother and can also affect the baby. Fortunately, most of the time they are not particularly important, they are usually mild without posing any danger to the mother or her child. They are limited to bruises, sprains….

By quarters, the first is the one in which the fetus is most protected due to the amniotic fluid and being smaller, the blows hardly affect it. Inside the bag and the maternal uterus it is as if it carries an airbag.

It is in the third trimester when the greatest number of falls and blows occur in pregnant women, and it is when there is greater risk for the baby since being larger is more exposed to what happens around them.

As we have said before, most accidents are minor. The well-being of the baby will be compromised depending on the part of the body that the mother hits, that is if there is an impact on the mother's abdomen it is more serious.

If the mother is well and we notice that the baby is moving, we can almost certainly say that there is no danger to either of us. However, it is worth going to the gynecologist to confirm the well-being of the mother and the baby (ultrasound, monitoring ...).

We must go urgently if after a blow we notice leakage of amniotic fluid, vaginal bleeding, severe abdominal pain and abdominal contraction that does not subside (uterine hypertonia), absence of fetal movements.

- Exercise regularly, to stay agile during pregnancy.

- Avoid wearing too high heels or flat shoes.

- Use a seat belt when you go by car, and if you look very upset you can use a special adapter for pregnant women.

- Do several meals a day, and have something to eat in your bag. This will prevent drops in blood pressure and sugar.

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