Criteria for choosing the godparents who will baptize the baby

Criteria for choosing the godparents who will baptize the baby

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Choosing godparents for our first child was a real dilemma for us. Being a sponsor is, in equal parts, an honor and a responsibility for those chosen And when you have to decide, the question is not to offend anyone by leaving them out. Between my parents and their parents, they added four to choose between two, and between all they contributed more illusion than indifference.

If you are still not sure, an alternative is to choose to follow the classical tradition and the traditional protocol that proposes the paternal grandfather as godfather and the maternal grandmother as godmother for the first child. For the second, the chosen ones would be the maternal grandfather and the paternal grandmother and for the third, the father's brother and the mother's sister. For the rest of the children of the marriage, the choice is extended to the rest of the family and friends.

In the event that any of the members proposed by the protocol were missing, that member could be replaced by any other, of course, without mixing family and friends. In classical christenings, tradition prefers a homogeneous pair of godparents in terms of relationship, avoiding disparate unions, such as the paternal grandfather with a friend of the baby's mother. Currently, the godparents of baptism are usually chosen from the closest or closest friends. One of the reasons parents use is age. Because our fatherhood is more and more late, grandparents have their grandchildren later and, if we think about the essence of the role of godparents, which is to take care of the child in the absence of the parents, they could hardly do it well some nonagenarian grandparents.

In any case, the choice of godparents should be taken calmly and unhurriedly. The decision must be matured and agreed between the parents because through this choice a good relationship with their godson begins, which will intensify with the growth and development of the child, and which will leave evidence of affection on dates such as birthdays. Avoid being offended if any of your chosen family members or friends decline the invitation to be godparents.

Keep in mind that they should consider it as something rewarding, since sponsoring should never be considered a burden or accept it out of compromise. For the baptism ceremony, a mandatory requirement is that the godparents are baptized and confirmed. Already in the church, the godmother will hold the baby in her arms, and the godfather will hold the baptismal candle.

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