When to leave the stroller

When to leave the stroller

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We parents attend the children's evolution. Their first porridge, their first crawls, the first words, the moment they start to pee in the bathroom, their first day of nursery ... but not all children develop at the same time and you have to know how to leave their time to each child.

We wonder when we should leave the stroller, how to discover that moment when our child becomes more autonomous and does not need the chair. Logically, it will depend on the needs of each child and each family, but we have some indicators that the time has come to abandon the stroller.

It is around 6 months of your baby when you should begin to consider changing from the stroller to the stroller. More difficult, however, is determining when to leave the chair. And it depends on each child, on the desire they have to run and also on the effort they put into becoming a 'older child'.

Maintaining the stroller for a long time has some advantages, such as having more independence (the parents) to go to shops, shopping centers, run errands with the baby, go to the supermarket or to spend a tourist weekend touring the streets and monuments of a city. Undoubtedly, in these cases, taking your child in the stroller is a guarantee of greater tranquility and better use of time.

But every face has its cross. No child should get used to spending longer than necessary in the stroller. It is convenient to stimulate the physical development of children as well as the intellectual one. Therefore, the sooner you start walking at the rhythm of the adults, the sooner you will the autonomy what do you need. With this clear, it will be the child himself who shows you the evidence that he no longer needs the stroller.

Around the age of 3, any child is ready to leave the stroller behind. Age varies depending on family activities and also the number of siblings, since if a baby brother is born, the child will have to leave the car seat first. In these cases it is best to buy a platform that adapts to the seat to facilitate the movements of both children.

The age at which the child becomes more autonomous also varies considerably if the family lives in the country or in the city. The routes in the city have more dangers, especially in the form of road accidents and this prevents children from being able to make the journeys on foot. For a matter of security, it is better to take them to the nursery or to the park in the stroller.

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