How to raise wayward children

How to raise wayward children

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A capricious child is a child who wants and demands things because he always manages to get his way. If a child gets what he wants after a tantrum or a tantrum, something is going wrong as a parent. A capricious child will be jealous, envious and will demand things whatever it is.

But be capricious it only brings negative consequences for when they begin to grow and have to mature because they will have a low tolerance for frustration and will not know how to face the difficulties of life, because since they were little they have gotten everything they have wanted, but the reality of life is not that. This is why it is so important to educate children so that they do not become capricious.

This is very important to teach the child because a whim is not the same as a necessity and capricious children often confuse him. It is not the same to want a toy or something that you want to be bought because other children also have a need such as the clothes they need to wear on the street, a bed to sleep, food to be able to be fed or school supplies for the school.

But not only does your child have to know what is a whim and what is a necessity, you as a mother or father must also know it to be able to transmit it and not give in to their unnecessary whims.

In addition, when a child has a whim before giving in to it, he must learn to value things with effort, so if he wants something new such as a toy or brand name pants you will have to condition that whim, for example if he gets good marks at the end of trimester or if you are able to do an extra housework (I say extra because you do not have to receive awards for doing something that is part of your responsibility, that should be something you should do as a member of the house) such as taking out the garbage during a month when it is not his turn or doing extra things at home.

There are also some tips that should be kept in mind in the day-to-day education of children to prevent them from becoming capricious children from the time they are small, take note !:

1. Set rules and limits from a young age so they know what they should and shouldn't do. You do not have to wait for the child to grow up to put them on, it is better to do it from when they are very young so that they begin to understand them soon this way there will be some things that will internalize them without problems. For example, buy chocolate or sweets only for Sundays or for special days.

2. Find alternatives to caprice. This is especially useful when children are young and consists of looking for alternatives that do not respond to their whims to distract them and make them forget that they want something. In addition, the alternative does not have to be something material, sometimes spending time in the park is the best solution.

3. Parents must go along and act on the same line. It is not worth it that Mommy denies her a whim and Daddy gives it to her. If one gives in to whims the child will always use it to their advantage.

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