Stimulation for babies from 0 to 6 months, month by month

Stimulation for babies from 0 to 6 months, month by month

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Stimulation helps the baby to focus on recognizing the sensations of his body and to learn to regulate himself. To carry out adequate stimulation, it is necessary for the baby to have a reference person who provides everything necessary for their well-being.

Parents are the best people to offer these stimulation activities to their baby by knowing him better and being more sensitive to his demands. It is important to exercise caution and caution, as some babies are not receptive to two activities at the same time, for example, and it is better to go one at a time.

Ideas to stimulate the baby month by month, during his first half year of life. Games, activities, massages, sounds ... are just some of the initiatives that parents can implement, always taking into account each stage of development in which the baby is.

Baby's first month:

- Learning to imitate the mother's grimaces will be essential to recognize emotions and stimulate language in the future
- Massages stimulate the immune system and protect you from diseases; in addition to promoting a good affective bond
- Sucking on objects or your hand calms and relaxes them
- Songs will relax you, amuse you and stimulate your hearing
- Roll it like a kibble to stimulate its visual acuity
- Hold him in your arms while you talk to him
- Bring your finger close to his hand so that he opens his fist and grabs you
- The mobiles in the crib will help you develop your sensitivity

Baby's second month:

- Cards with black and white drawings attract their attention since up to three months what they see best is the light / dark contrast
- Dancing or swinging with the baby in your arms gives them peace of mind and they like it
- The sounds of rattles or toys will help develop their senses: Ring a bell to catch their attention, don't forget to do it from both sides
- Teethers are good for experimenting with your mouth
- Catch the baby to rock him up and down while you cuddle him he will love it
- Take advantage of changing diapers to do leg exercises
- Stimulate him with caresses while maintaining eye contact

Baby's third month:

- Stimulating your body with different textures, it will help you to recognize textures, since the skin is the sense that transmits the most information to them
- With the baby lying down, we can make gentle movements of his legs while we talk or sing a lullaby
- Doing exercises such as lifting both arms from lying down to sitting will strengthen your back muscles
- Sounding a rattle will help you focus your attention on the object by turning your head until you find it, we can move the sound to turn it around
- Give him a rattle or a toy that makes sounds when moved, he will love the repetition of moving it and making it sound
- In the bathtub he splashes so that he also does it with his legs and arms
- They like shadow games a lot because it attracts their attention; in a dark room with a flashlight make shadows of animals and make their sounds
- Let him suck on objects and put them in his mouth to investigate

Baby's fourth month:

- Take the baby by the chest and swing it to the sides, it will like it and it will start its first smiles
- With the baby lying down, we can show him a balloon from above so that he tries to catch it, we can move it so that he looks for it and touches it, we will help him discover the parts of his body
- With the baby lying down, we will hold him by the chest with our arms and we will lift him up very slowly to help him and strengthen the abdominals
- While the baby is sitting we can offer him toys from above so that he can raise his arms and hold him, if we also sit him on a ball we will work on strengthening the trunk
- Get in front of the baby and imitate his sounds, you'll see how he likes it and responds to you
- Tell him what you see and what you do in detail, in this way you will feed his curiosity
- Help him strengthen the muscles of the trunk with games that make him turn on himself, bring him toys so that he can reach them from a sitting position supported by cushions
- Make gestures to imitate you

Fifth month of the baby:

- Lie on his stomach and show him toys so that he begins to release one hand to pick up the toy
- Face down give things of different textures to make noise (tissue paper, ball paper, wrapping paper, fabrics ...)
- With an inflatable or foam rubber roller, place the baby on top and hold him while rolling him back and forth a little
- It will relax him a lot if you lie him inside a scarf and make a hammock by rocking him on the sides
- Give him a baby mirror so that he begins to see himself, show him his image and say his name
- Play the five little wolves
- Take advantage of bath time to give her an oil massage

Baby's sixth month:

- Lying on your back you can put a ball in a net and leave it above the baby so that it hits it with the arms and legs
- Play with your baby in front of a mirror saying who is it? He will suck on the mirror to perceive more things, let him learn that he is the same
- Drop a ball near him so that he can see the cause-effect
- Play give and take toys
- Cathound circuits will be great to keep you entertained while strengthening your back
- Play to pass objects from one hand to another, let him hold the bottle and start using spoons

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