Famous moms and dads in 2014

Famous moms and dads in 2014

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Celebrities who debut as parents and others who repeat experience


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Albert II from Monaco had twins on December 10, a boy and a girl. His wife, Charlene from Monaco, she gave birth in Monaco to two beautiful babies: Gabriella Thérèse Marie, and to the future heir to the monastic throne: Jacques Honoré Rainier, who has already received the title of Maruqés de la Provence (Marquis de Baux).

The little boy's sister has also received a title, that of Countess de Carlàdes. They are the couple's first children, who married in 2011. The prince Alberto he did not know the sex of his future children. He wanted it to be a surprise until the last moment.

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The Swedish royal family celebrated in 2014 the birth of the first daughter of Magdalena, married with Chris O'Neill. The little girl was born on February 20, 2014 at night and is called Leonore Lilian Maria. It will be the fifth in the succession to the throne.

The couple decided to give birth in New York. Leonore Lilian she went ahead, since they weren't expecting her until the end of the month. Weighed 3,150 grams and measured 50 cm at birth. Her father, Chris O'Neill, was present at all times during the delivery.

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The famous tennis player Roger Federer And his wife, Mirka vavrinec, they had their twins on May 6 Leo and Lenny. But this does not take them by surprise, since they have four-year-old twins ( Myla rose Y Charlene riva).

The couple claims to be excited about the arrival of the babies. In fact, the Swiss tennis player described this second birth as a 'miracle' and decided to cancel his participation in an important tennis tournament to spend more time with his wife.

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The Spanish tennis player Carlos Moya and the actress and model Carolina Cerezuela they are beaming with happiness. On April 9 they saw the birth of their third daughter, to whom they have named Daniela.

Both have stated on numerous occasions that they wanted to have a large family and that their children would not be with each other for long. Your wishes are fulfilled with the arrival of Daniela, who join Carla (four years) and Carlos (two years), his other children.

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Alfonso. This is the name of the son of the model and presenter Eugenia Silva (38 years) and businessman and aristocrat Alfonso de Borbón (40 years). It is a family tradition. Their names are Alfonso the newborn, his father, his grandfather and his great-grandfather.

The little one was born on April 1, 2014. So much for Eugenia as for Alfonso (father) was a great way to start the month. Both have declared that they are very happy as new parents. The baby, they have confessed, is a mixture of the two.

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The Real Madrid footballer Sergio Ramos and the presenter Pilar Rubio They received in the month of May the best of gifts: on the 6th their first child was born, Sergio. As his father is called, his mother has given him the affectionate nickname 'Sergio Jr'.

The host, Pilar Rubio, did not hesitate to work until the end, showing that pregnancy can be combined with work as long as there are no added physical problems. After her maternity leave, she returned to work and combines her working life very well with her new facet as a mother.

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The FC Barcelona footballer Carles Puyol and the model Vanessa Lorenzo they will never forget this year. His daughter Manuela was born on January 24.

The couple is also new to the world of motherhood and they confess that they are exulting with happiness. According to the footballer,Manuela He is an adorable baby, who has inherited his mother's blue eyes and his dad's curly hair.

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The eccentric singer Robbie williams turned the delivery of her second child into a 'peculiar' and viral news on social networks. He recorded the birth of his son (Charlton valentine) and posted it on the internet in real time.

Many criticized this desire for leadership, while others applauded his decision to share such a beautiful moment. The couple (his wife is the model Ayda field) is proud and happy with the arrival of her second child, who was born on October 27, 2014.

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The actress drew Barrymore gave birth on April 23, 2014 to a girl who has been named Frankie. She is the second daughter of the couple (she is married to the art dealer Will Kopelman). His first daughter is called Olive and he's only a year and a half.

The actress (39 years old) is very happy with the arrival of the second girl. drew Barrymore always said that he did not want his daughter Olive was an only child, since she is and always wanted a brother.

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One of the best-known soccer goalkeepers in the world, Iker Casillas and the journalist Sara carbonero, they had their first child in January 2014. Your name: Martin.

The little boy was born by cesarean section on January 3, although they were waiting for him on Three Kings Day. The first-time couple cannot hide their joy.

Iker Casillas, Real Madrid goalkeeper, is very proud of his son and his partner. On Mother's Day (first Sunday in May in Spain), he dedicated to his partner Sara carbonero a picture of the little one Martin with this phrase: "Hello mommy! Congratulations! Thank you for being the most wonderful mother in the world and giving me life! I love you very much !! Signed: Martín #felizdiadelamadre".

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The spectacular actress had her second child on February 12, 2014, a beautiful baby whom she has named Bodhi. Both she and her husband, the actor Brian Austin Green they are excited about this new member of the family.

The actress confessed that the older brother of Bodhi, Noah, I was very jealous of the little one, since they have only been 17 months and the oldest has suddenly been 'dethroned'.

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They already had a daughter (India Rose), and this year 2014 has brought them a double gift. The actress Elsa Pataky she gave birth on March 21 to twins Tristán and Sasha (both boys). Actors Christ Hemsworth Y Elsa Pataky They thus become a large family.

The Spanish actress always confessed that she wanted to have a great family. In fact, recently he decided to increase it with the incorporation of a pet, a small dog that is sure to be the delight of the little ones.

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Bruce Willis in 2014 he became a father again for the fifth time. At 59, he returns to fatherhood with his wife, the British model Emma heming (35 years old), with whom she already had another child (her other three children are the result of the relationship she had with the actress Demi moore).

The veteran actor saw his daughter born on May 5 Evelyn penn and once again he reassured that children love them. 'How I like' babys' to come, '' she said.

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Beloved emerald. This is the name of the little girl of the actor couple Eva Mendes and Ryan Gosling. This year 2014 has also brought them the gift of fatherhood and motherhood.

The little Emerald was born on September 12. So much for Eva mendes (40 years old) and his partner Ryan gosling (33 years old) is her first child.

The actress made the news of her pregnancy public in July, just two months before giving birth. The actors managed to keep this happy news secret to enjoy this stage in privacy.

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Motherhood has done the actress very well Scarlett Johansson, who had on September 4 a precious little one whom he called Rose dorothy. The little girl is the first daughter of the French actress and journalist Romain dauriac.

The actress, a new mother, confesses to being excited about this new stage in her life. The year 2014 opens to Scarlett Johansson, at 29, the door of maternity.

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