Robot costume with cardboard boxes, children's craft

Robot costume with cardboard boxes, children's craft

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The costumes are very fun for children, they do not miss the opportunity to put them on at birthday parties, Halloween, carnivals ... this robot costume is very easy to make at home with recycled materials.

Children's crafts help children develop their psychomotor skills, in addition to enhancing their imagination. With this recycled craft you will also teach them to take care of the environment.

  • Large box (for the body)
  • Small square box (head)
  • Shoe box
  • White acrylic paint
  • Colored acrylic paint
  • Plastic bottle caps
  • Foil
  • Colored straws
  • Glue
  • Pair of scissors

1. Paint the outside of the boxes with white acrylic paint (or whatever color you prefer as a base). Let them dry, in the large box cut two holes in the upper part of the sides for the arms, and a larger one in the upper part for the head.

2. Glue the shoebox, already painted, on the front of the costume, it will be the 'control panel' of the robot. You can stick it with glue or help you with some tape so that it is well attached.

3. Paint the bottle caps with the colors you like best (you can also use buttons, badges, etc.). Glue them to the shoebox to make the robot buttons, you can also use strips of aluminum foil, a silver scourer or colored cardboard.

4. Cut out the flaps of the box that will go on the head. Make a hole in the front for the face, calculate the size to be appropriate for the child.

5. Make two small holes in the upper part and put two straws to make the antennae of the robot. Glue the head piece to match the hole in the large box, and you have your costume!

6. Your robot costume is ready

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