Breast pain during pregnancy

Breast pain during pregnancy

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Breast tenderness and breast enlargement is one of the first symptoms of pregnancy. The pain in the breasts begins to occur from the first days after fertilization and usually lasts throughout the first trimester of pregnancy. The breasts begin to prepare to feed the baby and this process can be uncomfortable.

The swelling and pain in the breasts is due to the chest begins to prepare from the first weeks of pregnancy to breastfeeding. During pregnancy, the production of estrogens and progesterone increases, and this causes a greater blood flow in the body and therefore favors changes in breast tissues.

Another sensation that can occur in the chest during pregnancy is tingling, since skin is sagging by increasing the volume of the breasts. It is very important that you hydrate your breasts well every day to avoid the dreaded stretch marks.

The veins of the chest are seen with much more intensity, a series of bluish veins will be more visible and the nipples will become darker. In the areolas you could also see some bulging points, they are the Montgomery glands, and they produce a substance that hydrates the nipples and protects them in breastfeeding from possible infections.

Around the third month of pregnancy, some women produce a yellow liquid called colostrum, a highly nutritious substance that will be the baby's main food until the milk rises.

Chest pain or tenderness mostly occurs in the first trimester of pregnancy, however, while nothing can be done to completely eliminate breast discomfort, there are little tricks that help:

-Wear a non-wired bra, with wide straps and made of cotton fabric.

-Many women feel more comfortable sleeping with bra During pregnancy.

-Increase the bra size to adapt it to your new contour.

-To alleviate the sensation of pain and swelling you can take lukewarm showers or apply cold compresses to the area.

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