Your child's first time: don't miss it!

Your child's first time: don't miss it!

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The first time my son scored a goal, a great goal, dribbling several opponents until he sneaked the ball into the goal for the squad, his teammates threw a congratulatory party while they asked him what he had for breakfast that day to carry out a feat like that one, which had placed the team at the top of their children's league.

I felt very proud and excited with that personal triumph of my son and of the team as a group, while I was thinking about what it would be that I had for breakfast when I became pregnant with him.

After that goal, others came, in the form of good grades in math and language, reflected in his behavior, in the exquisite way he treats his friends and in the way he takes care of his relationship with his grandparents and uncles. Every first time in his life has been an event in mine. It is fortunate for parents to be able to live two lives intensely, one their own and the other close through their children, but with another look, more naive and sweet that blurs crucial moments with emotions.

Nevertheless, all the first times have not been pink. I remember when it seemed that he was choking because he choked on his own phlegm, when he was barely a few days old, the day he made a wound so deep that his bone was visible and they had to give him ten stitches on his leg while they held him Among six people, the day he got lost looking for raspberries in a shopping center while his father and I lived through the most agonizing minutes of our lives ... I would like to continue, but my selective mind keeps positive memories in the treasure chest, while the negatives I have to go find them because they are hidden under a curtain in a hidden trunk.

And in that sea of ​​first times, I am reliving his first word, which was dad, of course, because I was always talking about him. His first steps, when he let go of my mother's arms and came towards me.

His first day in nursery school, as if nothing else, he was so hot, the expectation that his first plane trip meant for him, his first day of skiing in the snow full of funny anecdotes and the first joke he told us, that It made us laugh at the sympathetic way of staging that whirlwind of abuses with gestures until we reached the end.

If there is something that I value in this life it is lucky to have you by my side as if every day was the first and feel what only parents and children can give and give to each other: the warmth of the heart.

Marisol New.

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