Changes in the respiratory system in pregnancy

Changes in the respiratory system in pregnancy

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During pregnancy, most of the most important organs in a woman's body move. The reason is that they must make room for the baby.

The uterus will grow as the months of gestation and organs such as the heart, stomach and diaphragm, they must give up their space. Hence, the pregnant woman notices certain discomforts, especially related to changes in the circulatory system and that greater 'difficulty' in breathing, due to the modification of the diaphragm.

Uterine growth modifies, for example, the position of the diaphragm and rib cage, increasing their circumference in response to diaphragmatic elevation. Due to these changes the volumes of the different lung capacities are also modified.

These changes also manifest with subjective feeling of shortness of breath (dyspnea), this being one of the frequent reasons for consultation in the emergency room of pregnant women.

Pregnancy hormones also cause changes in the airways, increasing and decreasing their resistance depending on the area. In addition, due to the effect of these hormones, the mucosa that lines the respiratory tract is highly vascular, favoring bleeding, especially from the nose, throat discomfort and voice changes.

These changes (both anatomical and physiological) in respiratory system It also produces changes in the acid-base balance of the pregnant woman. The pregnant woman has a tendency to respiratory alkalosis (increased pH of the blood plasma), because when hyperventilate, removes excess CO2. This favors the stimulation of the respiratory center of the pregnant woman. This hyperventilation in the pregnant woman, on the one hand, can cause constant dizziness and even some fainting in the pregnant woman, but it also favors that the future baby receives more oxygen.

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