Most popular boy names for 2015 in Venezuela

Most popular boy names for 2015 in Venezuela

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It is not always easy to choose the name of the baby because it is something that will accompany your child for life. That is why it is better to weigh all the options and calmly choose the name that best suits the child. For this, nothing better than to look at the trends in names.

We know the trends in names for children in Venezuela for this 2015. They are traditional names, full of charm and that are rescued with a very modern touch. These are the most popular names for boys in Venezuela.

1. Alexander. The name has a Greek origin and a meaning of 'he who protects men'. He is sweeping the charts of frequent names around the world because he exudes strength and charisma.

2. Diego. It is a name of Hebrew origin that means 'held by the heel'. It is a variant of Jacobo that is fully updated and with a distinguished air that is difficult to resist.

3. Gabriel. This name is of Hebrew origin and means 'the strength of God'. Although it belongs to the biblical tradition, it has not been worn down by use and arrives with all the force and originality.

4. Samuel. It is a name of Hebrew origin with a meaning of 'the one who God listens'. It is a traditional and familiar name and it remains on the popular name lists for the serenity and confidence it conveys.

5. Santiago. The name has a Hebrew origin and a meaning of 'God will reward'. It is one of those names that maintain its popularity unchanged, oblivious to fashions and trends due to the personality it transmits.

6. Andrés. It is a name of Greek origin that means 'brave man'. It reappears strongly in the list of frequent names for its eloquence in meaning and because it is a safe bet for any child.

7. Jose. The name is of Hebrew origin and means 'abundance'. It is one of the most frequent names for children in the world, the kind to which the long tradition only gives more strength.

8. July. This name is of Latin origin and its meaning refers to the 'Julia family', one of the founding families of Rome. The name is liked because it is loaded with dignity and nobility and never loses its personality.

9. Victor. It is a name of Latin origin that has a meaning related to the 'triumph'. It sounds elegant and distinguished and also has the charm of those names that have not been worn down by use.

10. Antonio. The name has an Etruscan origin and a meaning of 'he who faces his adversaries'. It is a traditional name but with enormous strength and it also remains surrounded by mystery and charisma.

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