Common mistakes when driving children and babies

Common mistakes when driving children and babies

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Every day we find a sad reality, car accidents claim many lives, some of them children. In all countries, to a greater or lesser extent, there is an official regulation regarding car safety for children.

More and more, parents are aware of the need to take their child in the car with the security systems in force. However, in some cases, even having special devices for babies and children in the car, mistakes are made that can cause irreparable harm. Putting a solution to these small errors due to haste or nerves, will avoid greater evils.

Who has not ever been in a hurry and has not tightened their child's harness well? o Have you ever not adjusted the seat anchor properly and jumped in full swing? Here are some mistakes parents make around car safety for their children:

- Some car seats pass one brother to another without evaluating that these devices also have an expiration date. It is advisable to review the manufacturer's instructions since in many cases, after a few years, initial stability and protection is not guaranteed.

- The economic crisis or money problems lead us to buy second-hand products, but in the case of safety systems for children in cars, it is important to buy first-hand seats to guarantee their good condition.

- Babies have to sit in the opposite direction to the march, but they will never be able to do it in a front seat with the aribag activated. Check the car's instructions to cancel its operation. Furthermore, in many countries tBabies are not allowed in the front seat.

- Do not change the baby's position too soon, many parents feel the need to turn the baby's position too quickly to be able to see them in the rear view mirror, but a sudden stop could be fatal in this case for the fragile body of the baby.

- Periodically check the manufacturer's instructions to know when to move the baby to the next device in the car according to their weight and height. Whether sitting in one chair or another depends not only on the age of the child, but also on their size.

- It is convenient to take the time necessary to install the seats in the car. Many parents despair trying to anchor them correctly and, sometimes, rush or nerves make them not properly installed. If you are not sure ask for help.

- Do not worry so much about the comfort of the child in the seat as that your harness is snug. Many children protest at having the straps around their body and parents give in by loosening the harness. A gesture that can be dangerous in the event of an emergency stop or a blow.

- Teach your children by example, if you do not wear a seat belt it is difficult for your child to understand that he does have to.

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