The songs of the sirens and Ulysses. Greek mythology for kids

The songs of the sirens and Ulysses. Greek mythology for kids

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Can you imagine being able to tell the stories of Greek mythology adapted to children? Since Guiainfantil we offer you a series of short stories based on mythological legends. Thanks to them, children will be able to learn history in an entertaining and fun way.

Once upon a time there was a Greek hero named Ulises who was sailing towards his home on the island of Ithaca. Ulysses was looking forward to arriving after spending 10 years in the Trojan War and was eager to hug his wife Penelope. But the return trip by boat was very, very long and also fraught with dangers. One of those dangers were the sirens which was found in the waters of the Mediterranean Sea.

Ulises, although it was un brave hero and daring, he was afraid of mermaids because they had told him a story about these marine beings that worried him. They said that these beings, half fish and half woman, sang magic songs with which they bewitched the sailors so that they approached the rocks where they lived. The sailors stayed with the mermaids and never came home again.

Ulises He did not want to stay with the mermaids, he wanted to return to his house in Ithaca, but since he was very curious and always wanted to know more, he didn't want to miss that magical song of the sirens.

-What I can do? -thought Ulises. And then a cool trick to be able to hear the siren songs without danger of staying with them.

"Tie me to the mast of the ship with strong ropes and make it impossible to untie me," he asked the sailors who were accompanying him on his ship. The entire crew obeyed their captain's orders and tied Ulises with all his strength. Then they themselves put plugs in their ears to avoid hearing the sirens' songs. There was a rush because they were already approaching the rocks full of mermaids singing with their melodious voices.

Only Ulises I could hear the magical songs of the sirens because I was tied to the mast so strong. As soon as the sirens saw Ulysses' ship, they began to sing and call Ulysses by name.

-UlisesCome with us, 'said the sirens. And they did it with a voice that was impossible to resist. Ulysses was struggling to untie himself, but his sailors had tied him so tightly that it was impossible for him to move. That saved him, because if not, he would have thrown himself into the sea without hesitation attracted by the mysterious song of the sirens.

This is how the ship continued its course and moved away from the rocks where the mermaids lived. And that's how Ulises managed to return home and become the only man who could count this adventure the song of the sirens. Because with ingenuity, any problem can be solved.

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