Water where are you going? Poetry for children

Water where are you going? Poetry for children

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Each child is capable of interpreting a nursery rhyme in a different way. They are the ones give a personalized meaning to these texts, even to the classic poems of a lifetime.

Poetry has always been seen as a source of wisdom, but today it is seen as a fundamental tool in children's learning by the possibilities it offers to encourage reading among children.

Water, where are you going?

Laughing I go down the river

by the sea.

Sea, where are you going?

Upriver I'm looking for

source to rest.

Poplar, and what will you do?

I don't want to tell you anything.

I ... tremble!

What do I want, what do I not want,

by the river and by the sea?

Four birds aimless

they are in the high poplar.

Author: Federico García Lorca

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