Saint Clement's Day, November 14. Names for boys

Saint Clement's Day, November 14. Names for boys

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Clemente is a name for a boy of Latin origin with an evident meaning "kind", "clement", although there is no shortage of people who give it a Greek origin with the meaning of "famous".

In any case, Clemente is not a frequent name, but its use is very familiar and is liked for being original. He celebrates his name day on November 14, which is the day of San Clemente.

Due to the meaning of his name, Clemente has a charismatic personality that exerts a great attraction on others. His success in social relationships is based on his cheerful and caring character and his generosity. In addition, Clemente is a committed person who does not hesitate to acquire family and work responsibilities.

The name Clemente is known throughout the world with some variation. Clement, Kliment, or Clemens are some of the most popular shapes. We are facing a name that has many possibilities of gaining popularity in the coming years for maintaining all the weight of tradition and at the same time providing a different touch.

The number of Papas, no less than 14, who have carried the name Clemente may help you choose the baby's name. In addition, it is a name that also appears as a surname, as in the case of the popular soccer coach, Javier Clemente or the Mexican muralist José Clemente Orozco.

Clemente is also a small island in the Pacific Ocean, as well as a town in California. And we remember the Peruvian modernist writer Clemente Palma, the Argentine naturalist Clemente Onelli or the Peruvian poet and playwright Clemente Althaus.

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