Tips for receiving the second baby

Tips for receiving the second baby

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In general, motherhood is more easily assumed when parents are facing a second pregnancy. The mother already knows the experience and can anticipate events: she knows when she will be most uncomfortable, what is that little tingling that runs through her belly, what to eat and what foods to avoid, or how a contraction feels.

The arrival of a second baby is therefore a reason for joy for the whole family. However, this happiness that fills the parents, must also reach the first child, who needs attention and care so as not to feel displaced.

- It is convenient that we explain to our first child that he is going to have a brother or sister and how important this little person will be throughout his life. It will be your playmate, your accomplice, your mirror in which to look at yourself, your friend, your best support, your confidante or your tear cloth.

- Parents can talk about the pregnancy in front of the one who will be the older brother, it is not necessary to hide conversations about medical tests, ultrasounds, shopping for the baby or his first kicks. It is important to involve him and make him participate so that he gradually understands that the baby grows inside the mother's womb and that, when he has become big enough, he will be born and we can get to know him.

- However, it is not necessary that all conversations revolve around the baby on the way, we have to reserve time to play, read or talk with our first child.

- It is convenient to inform them that during the delivery process, you will not be able to be in the hospital so we will inform them about who will take care of them on those days.

- If the hospital or clinic allows it, you can go visit him and meet him. We can encourage the child to caress the baby and even to hold it with the help of an adult. A little trick that I share with you: I bought a gift for my oldest son and when he came to the hospital to meet the newborn, we gave it to him, explaining that it was a present that his little brother brought him. He felt very loved and happy with his gift and thought that the little one was very good.

- We must try to involve the older brother or sister in the tasks and care of the baby, avoiding getting nervous because they do not do it quite well. Nor do we have to force the situation if they do not want to participate.

- We must avoid changing daily routines as much as possible, and always reserve a time of the day to carry out an activity with our first son or daughter, so that they do not feel that the newcomer has usurped their space.

In any case, and even doing everything on our part, it is normal for older siblings to develop a certain jealousy towards the baby. Some children are aggressive towards their siblings, others ignore the newborn. In my case, my oldest son suffered a regression in acquired skills, that is, he sometimes relieved himself of his needs. This situation lasted a few months, but ended up being solved.

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