For what reasons labor is induced

For what reasons labor is induced

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There are times when the pregnancy does not end spontaneously, and it is necessary to resort to an induction of labor, which consists of a series of procedures whose objective is to produce contractions so that the baby is born as soon as possible.

We explain to you when a professional gynecologist decides that it is necessary to induce labor.

Induction is indicated when the benefits of terminating pregnancy for the mother and fetus outweigh the potential benefits of continuing it.

The reasons or indications are determined by the gynecologist, and among the most frequent we find:

1. Prolonged pregnancy. Currently, most Spanish hospitals induce pregnancies reaching 41 + 3 weeks.

2. Intrauterine fetal growth retardation. They are babies who have low percentiles of weight, and who do not grow at the rate that is considered normal.

3. When there are clear risks to women's health in the continuation of your pregnancy, for example, if you have severe pre-eclampsia or eclampsia, poorly controlled gestational diabetes or any type of serious pathology.

4. Premature rupture of membranes and the job has not started after a certain amount of time. The waiting time depends on the protocol of each hospital, since some wait 12 or 18 hours for the delivery to develop spontaneously, without doing anything.

5. Fetal death in the oruterus.

6. Obst backgroundandunfavorable tricks, repeated antepartum fetal deaths in any given week, since the risk of recurrence may be increased depending on the cause.

7. When the baby is suspectedand It's too big, the pregnancy is interrupted so that it does not continue to grow. We remember that the weight is estimated by ultrasound, and has a margin of error of plus-minus 500 gr.

8. Inductionorn for convenience: long distance to the hospital, or advanced dilation without signs of labor.

Artificially provoking childbirth has to be very justified, since it carries a not inconsiderable risk of ending up in a cesarean section; and the benefits for mother and baby must outweigh the risks of induction.

Sara Canamero de Leon

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