Saint Faustino's Day, February 15. Names for boys

Faustino is a name for a boy of Latin origin that means “from the family of Faust”. Taking into account that the name Faust has a meaning of "happy" or "lucky", your child will be guaranteed good luck.

Although it is not one of the most frequent names, it maintains all the force of the Latin tradition. He celebrates his name day on February 15, which is Saint Faustino's day.

The main characteristic that emerges from the name Faustino is his perseverance. Reflective in character, Faustino stands out for his intellectual abilities and creativity. His halo of good luck, which is implicit in the meaning of the name, makes Faustino the soul of social gatherings. On the other hand, their capacity for effort is also rewarded in the professional field.

Your child's name is rare, although it is familiar throughout Europe and Latin America. However, it is in Italy that Faustino appears most frequently. We find its Catalan variant Faustí especially attractive, and a curiosity about this name is that it can also appear as a surname.

Throughout history we meet many famous people with the same name as your son, such as the emperor of Haiti, Faustino I. Also several sculptors such as Faustino Goico-Aguirre or Faustino Sanz Herranz, prestigious historians such as Faustino Narganes Quijano and even a boxer, Faustino Reyes.

But the name Faustino has also marked novel titles such as Juan Valera's "Doctor Faustino's Illusions", where a vision of comfortable life is impeccably transmitted, full of dreams but without the drive to realize them. In the cinema we meet “Faustino Mayta visits his cousin”, a Bolivian film from 2003.

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