Arthur and the magician Merlin. Short stories

Arthur and the magician Merlin. Short stories

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Once upon a time, in a kingdom called Britannia, several centuries ago Prince Arthur, son of King Uther, was born. His mother had died shortly after giving birth, so the king gave the baby to the faithful wizard Merlin, in order to educate him. Merlin decided to take Arthur to the castle of a knight, who had a little son named Kay. For the prince's safety, the wizard concealed the identity of his protégé. Every day the loyal Merlin taught little Arthur all the sciences and, with his gifts as a great magician, explained the inventions of the future and many more magic formulas.

Years passed and King Uther died leaving no known descendants, so the knights went in search of Merlin:

"We must elect the new king," they said. And the magician, making appear a sword nailed to an iron anvil, said to them:

- This is the Excalibur sword. Whoever manages to get it out will be the king!

The knights tried one by one but, despite all their efforts, they could not move it.

Arturo and Kay, who were already two vigorous young men, were going to participate in a tournament in the city. Upon attending the event, Arturo realized that he had forgotten Kay's sword at the inn. He ran there but the place was already closed. Arturo despaired. Without his sword, Kay would be eliminated from the tournament. Thus he discovered the Excalibur sword.

He tugged at it and a shaft of light fell on him, pulling it out with ease. Kay saw the seal of the Excalibur and told her father, who ordered Arthur to return it and thus nailed it back to the anvil. The nobles tried to get her out again, but to no avail. Until Arturo again took the hilt, a ray of light fell again, and he extracted it without the slightest effort. They all admitted that this young man, without any title, must be the King of Britain.; and they marched before him, swearing allegiance to him.

Merlin, happy and humbled by his actions, retired to his home. But it was not long before a group of traitors took up arms against the young monarch. Merlin intervened, confessing that Arthur was King Uther's only son; but the disloyal ones continued at war until, at last, they were defeated, thanks to the courage of Arthur and the magic of Merlin. To prevent the betrayal from repeating itself, Arturo created the great round table, made up of knights loyal to the kingdom. He married Princess Guinevere, living years of happiness and prosperity.

- You can now reign without my advice, - Merlin said in his farewell - and he is still a just king, that History will reward you.

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