Little pink pig. Children's crafts with eggs

Little pink pig. Children's crafts with eggs

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This cute pink pig is a very fun craft for children. Take advantage of the Easter holidays to make crafts with Easter eggs, one of the best known traditions during this time.

Playing decorating and looking for eggs is a very entertaining game for children, who will enjoy a very special experience. Tell them the story of the Easter bunny and make these farm animal crafts together.

  • Egg
  • A needle
  • Bowl or bowl
  • EVA rubber or pink felt
  • Pink acrylic paint
  • Brush
  • Glue and scissors
  • Black marker and pencil

1. Empty the egg with the help of a needle and a bowl. When it's clean, paint it pink. Here is a step-by-step tutorial to empty an egg without breaking it.

2. Cut out the template for the pig's muzzle and ears. Do not forget to leave a tab on the ears to be able to glue them to the egg.

3. Place the template on EVA rubber or felt in a different shade of pink than the paint, mark it with a pencil and carefully cut it out.

4. Draw two points in the center of the muzzle with the help of a black marker.

5. Put glue on the back of the snout, and place it in the egg, so that it is centered. With a marker, draw the pig's eyes on the egg above its snout.

6. Put glue on the ear lashes. Put them on top, taking care that they are balanced and at the same height.

How to make other farm animals with eggs for Easter

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