The stress of being a mother and a worker

Do you think being a mother and a worker is very stressful? Surely for some women more than for others, depending among other things on the help received and, above all, on the economic situation. And there are many working moms who carry the full weight of their hours and their jobs on their backs and, in addition, they have little help at home to take care of the children, the house and make meals for everyone.

Combining work and family life has been the tremendous challenge facing women in all developed and developing countries today. Dedication to work is the intellectual compensation of the chosen profession, either by vocation or necessity, which helps with financial resources to provide a better life for our children.

But on the other side of the coin, these economic resources, translated into a payroll decimated by the crisis, in many cases are not enough and must be supplied with enthusiasm, encouragement and the conviction that this situation will change soon and better times will come. Meanwhile, the challenge is to survive. But how does stress affect the health of working moms? Headaches, tachycardia and gastritis are the main ailments responsible for the rise in stress levels in working women. To combat it, it is important to exercise and find time for yourself, according to various investigations on this subject.

But, the truth is that it seems like a utopia to find in the midst of the chaos of time in which we live, a moment to exercise daily, one day a week to spend with friends, an afternoon to go to the movies with our partner or even a few hours a week to continue our studies. One of the difficulties of combining work and motherhood is that it is impossible to do everything and perhaps that is why many women are throwing in the towel.

Thus, although more and more women around the world make the decision to work and raise their children in parallel, in some countries such as the United States, the proportion of women with children who remain in the labor market has dropped. to grow almost to stagnate. An article published in New York Times notes that the participation of North American women with children in the labor market has decreased so significantly, which has become a subject of study for various specialists in that country. This change may highlight the popular idea that many mothers prefer to stay home and care for their children, especially when they are young. So if you have the opportunity to raise your children full time, enjoy it.

Marisol New. Editor of our site

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