7 reasons for children to read aloud

7 reasons for children to read aloud

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Learn to read It is part of the first learning that children carry out in school and, although it is not an easy task at first, there are two ways to help them to achieve it successfully: encouraging the practice of reading and encourage them to read aloud.

Children begin to read syllables, making mistakes, mispronouncing, skipping lines ... but, how is it possible that little by little they are improving and being more agile? Reading aloud is an excellent ally in this learning.

I have spoken with several teachers and they all recommend reading aloud for children who are just beginning to read. They may sometimes feel frustrated because they don't do it rightThey may get tired and that reading one page is more than enough and it may take longer than we expect to read in a row, but they will achieve it with a little effort and a push on our part.

To give them that push we can choose readings that stimulate and amuse them, whether they are comics, books, stories or even brochures, it is about them choosing what interests them the most. Another very important point is sit next to them and let them read us, the benefits of it are enormous:

1 - When the child reads aloud, he is aware of his mistakes and tries to correct them.

2 - We can listen to what the child says and help him when he gets stuck with one word or has mispronounced another.

3 - It makes them more agile readers and they leave behind the slow and syllabic reading

4 - Helps children to express themselves and communicate better.

5 - Enrich the vocabulary of children and help them develop their language.

6 - Stimulates the attention and concentration capacity of children.

7 - Generates interest in reading and encourages the taste and pleasure of reading.

Sometimes we have a hard time understanding what children read aloud, like in this funny video of a baby reading the newspaper

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