Baby's first bath with dad

Baby's first bath with dad

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No parent forgets what they feel as they prepare their child's first bath: the nerves, the insecurity, the excitement, the fear and the doubts. Feeling fragile and small in the face of the greatness of a seemingly 'normal' moment. Be that as it may, the newborn's first bath is unique, like all the first times of our child.

Many times that first bath ends in crying, because the newborn captures our nerves, despite all the love we put forth. But little by little, we gain in dexterity. Nerves make room for security and closeness. Our hands become more accurate and the moment of the bath becomes a magical moment that parents take advantage of to bond with their child. Why? Because the baby, at the time of the bath, is more receptive to all stimuli.

The delicacy and at the same time the security with which the father supports his son. Visual and tactile communication. The voice. The caresses. The complicity between the two. This tender scene of a father bathing with his son is an example of how to make a moment of the ordinary day a special and unique moment.

The baby's bath can be a mere cleaning procedure or a moment to stimulate the senses of our child. Because during the bath, the baby relaxes, feels comfortable. That is why it is recommended that the bath be at the end of the day, because a good relaxing bath can ensure a calm and happy sleep for the newborn.

But the bathroom it is also a fantastic place for stimulation and play:

- Make sure that the water is at body temperature (between 35 and 37 ºC), and that the room temperature is ideal (about 25ºC).

- If you can, bathe with him, like this dad does, so that he feels that brush with your skin. This reaffirms emotional ties. The baby feels safe and loved.

- If you speak sweetly to him and maintain eye contact with him, he will better attend to what you say. If you play with him, sing to him or take the opportunity to repeat words vocalizing well, you will be stimulating all his senses.

You will see how soon he gives you a smile, his smile. The only way newborns have to tell you yes, they are happy.

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