Dream about magic. How to interpret children's dreams

Dream about magic. How to interpret children's dreams

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The moment we close our eyes and we fall asleep deeply is something magical. This happens in both adults and children, since this perspective of rest and imagination while we sleep is something unique.

For our children, dreaming is so much like Magic Like our own imagination, especially since we do not control it as much as when we are awake. But what happens when children also dream of magic once they sleep?

When a child dream of magic, your imaginative universe expands. For this reason, it is quite common for the child to go on a trip that transports him directly to a world of dreams, where everything is so extremely unreal that there are no guidelines, no rules, or impossible things.

The fact that our son dream of magic It is quite logical, since when they are little they are continually in contact with things that go beyond the limits of reality, between the resources of movies, stories and their own imagination.

The main meaning that a child has, in addition to playing with magic in his real life, also dreams about it, has to do with the feeling that every human being has, of change the things that he does not like at will.

For this reason, the moment the child tells us that he has dreamed of magic elementsAny given night, we can look at the following tips of different meanings:

-The supernatural powersThose that the child has in the dream in question can respond to an unequivocal signal that he himself needs to get in touch with the most intuitive part of his life.

Although they are very young, they may have a special sensitivity to subjects that go beyond real life, and therefore want to experiment with your own intuition in order to be successful in life.

-On the other hand, we can relate the symbology of this magical dream as that weapon that we all want to have to change what we do not like.

Thus, we can relate this to the moment in which the child feels attacked in some part of his life and wants to change it, so he uses magic as a defense in his dream.

-In this same line, the magic in the children's dream, if it has to do with doing disappear something or someone, could symbolize a situation of chaos in which he is not satisfied and wants to change with all his might.

Marta Marciel. Editor of our site

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