How and when to introduce the habit of reading in children

How and when to introduce the habit of reading in children

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The work of the Fundación Leer contributes to disseminating and raising awareness about the importance of children having access from early childhood to 'magical' world of reading, be it a book, a story, fable or poem, where they can find experiences, curiosities, and various topics.

Maria Miguensis responsible for the Communications Department of the Read Foundation. In this interview on our site she tells us about everything that involves children's reading.

Is it necessary for the child to know how to read to have his first contact with a book?
Daily contact with books and the possibility of enjoying simple activities such as listening to stories, awakens in children the desire and motivation to read. As a parent, you can do many things to help your children discover the joy of reading. It is a gradual and continuous process that occurs from the moment the child is born, with the language development.

When is the best time to introduce a book to children?
Babies are ready to start enjoying books, readings, rhymes, and songs. In every home, parents can share simple activities to support the intellectual and emotional development of children, from baby. Some examples might be offering age-appropriate books: cloth, rubber, or cardboard books with thick pages that you can handle; books with familiar objects to name; with simple stories starring children his age; with rhymes and puns.

The act of reading is not innate, you have to cultivate it. How can we do it?
From the beginning, you can begin to cultivate the act of reading. We can say, for example, that the mother has to be in contact with literature and make her reading journey and transmit it to her baby. And when this is born, the first way of contact with literature is orality, through lullabies, for example. Afterwards, obviously the fact narrate and read stories and stories to children. It is essential that literature continues to be linked to play and pleasure, to enjoyment. It is also important to offer children a wide variety of texts, because this gives them choice and creates a desire to read.

Is the stimulus to reading the same at 3, at 5 or at 7 or 9 years of age?
Studies show that the more children read, the better they do in reading and writing. As a parent you can do many things to stimulate reading in children: have a space inside the house, a shelf, where children can keep their books; make books and magazines available to children that meet their interests; propose the reading of books based on children's films; always carry a book in your bag in case you have to wait in line together; encourage them to share reading and books with other friends; have an hour a day to dedicate themselves to reading; read aloud to them even if they already know how to read, etc.

From 0 to 3 years: Parents can read aloud to the baby for a few minutes a day, point to and name the pictures in books, share rhymes and lullabies, offer cloth, rubber, plastic or cardboard books.

3 to 5 years: parents should associate reading with pleasure and tenderness, they should read longer books, with illustrations and with chapters to read in various encounters, choose books with repetitive rhyming patterns that stimulate children's participation, offer them books with a varied theme , with new words and different languages. It is interesting to talk with the child about what he has read, to know his opinions and feelings. Suggest some games based on reading, such as draw, assemble puppets, it is also advisable.

From 5 to 8 years:parents can share read aloud, leave written messages for children to discover and read, take child to visit bookstores, libraries, as well as book fairs, share a book and then the text-based movie, offer books with short and simple texts that they can read themselves, provide storybooks, poetry, riddles, tongue twisters, poems, on topics that interest the child the most.

In a world immersed in new technologies, can reading be threatened in any way?
We believe that today, technology serves as a resource to continue bringing thousands of children closer to the love and pleasure of reading. It is important to think, for example, not to confuse format with content.

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