Mothers who are experts in child health

Mothers who are experts in child health

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Gone are the days when I stayed up late for fun, to go out with my friends or because of a long trip. And it is not about insomnia that, for the moment, when I get to bed I sleep very well. The coughs and fever from colds and flu that affect my children have me on my head all night.

The neighbors must think that my house looks like a Christmas tree. Suddenly, the kitchen light comes on, the living room light goes off and on, then the bedroom light goes off and on, and so on. First, a glass of water, then the medicines, then a little contact with Mom, then back to bed and then the coughing starts again and, again, start again and, the next day, to work.

Today's moms are 'all terrain' And I say this without taking any credit from the parents, who also go out of their way to care for their children day and night. We know as much about health as pediatricians, we are able to anticipate if our child is incubating something before the symptoms begin by his condition or his look, we can perfectly distinguish between the different types of cough, we have the snot located and we know when they are in the highways or the lowways, we distinguish if it is something temporary or if the problem will have the child in bed and without going to school for several days.

We are a great help for the pediatrician with our explanations and we are able to remember at what time of the year the child was in a similar situation or is the first time. And the best thing is that when there is something we do not know we look for it. We are experts in web searches, we join the experiences of other mothers and we can give advice to share good recoveries.

We know about home remedies and recipes for when our children do not eat or are loaded with mucus, and even when they have a somewhat upset stomach. Welcome to the world of cybermoms. Together we make a great team. A solid group united by what we love most, our children. And we not only know about health, but also about education and psychology. Sharing advice that works for us with friends and co-workers is too small for us. Now in the network, we know that we can help many other mothers who feel or have felt like us.

Marisol New. Editor of our site

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