Singing feeds children's brains

Singing feeds children's brains

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Who has not heard the saying 'Who sings his evils scares'? Singing is not only a good tool to help us face adversity with good humor, but also a good food for children's brains. Children need, from their first years of life, more musical stimuli.

The more they sing in their games, the more nourished their brains will be. Singing works like a powerful vitamin in children's brains.

By playing singing, children can focus more on themselves and the moment in which they are living. Singing helps them feel the intensity of their activities. In addition, it allows you to transform any moment of stress, tension or anxiety, into a more serene, calm and relaxed moment.

Music relaxes. Maybe that's why children get a better concentration in studies. Playing singing supports children's development in all areas, physical, mental and social, to an extent that has been underestimated. Singing provides many benefits:

1- It helps them develop speech more adequately.

2- It allows them to improve their social behavior and their behavior in the face of aggressiveness, since when they sing, the hormones that trigger aggression are reduced.

3- Singing also makes children produce more hormones that trigger feeling good.

4- It helps them to free themselves and be happier

5- It relaxes and calms them.

6- Stimulates your memory and concentration.

7- It makes them more sensitive.

8- It gives them the opportunity to express themselves.

9- Raises your self-esteem.

10- Improve your vocal and auditory abilities.

11- It helps them become familiar with mathematics and logic.

Singing is good. Another thing is to sing well, of course.

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