15 weeks pregnant

15 weeks pregnant

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If this is your first pregnancy, you have all the time to take care of yourself and yourself. Dedicate at least one time a day for your moments of relaxation or care. However, if it is your second pregnancy, you will be more busy taking care of your first child. The 15th week of pregnancy is a good time to consider how to tell your child that she is having a baby brother. You can make him participate in the pregnancy by helping him choose a name for the baby, explaining the process and the advantages of having a brother.

At 15 weeks pregnant, your abdomen continues to grow, this means that the skin on your abdomen has to sag until the end of the pregnancy. The skin is very elastic and although it seems to you as your pregnancy progresses, that your belly cannot grow any more, it will increase without problems. There are women with exaggeratedly large bellies and others who seem to be in the middle of their pregnancy when they are in the final stretch.

What you can do to prevent the tissues from breaking and the dreaded stretch marks appear is to start as soon as possible at take care of yourself with creams. In this way, your skin will be well hydrated and will prevent those unsightly red lines from appearing. You should apply moisturizers several times a day.

Another change that you might notice in your body in the fourteenth week of your pregnancy is the increase or appearance of varicose veins or varicose veins. They usually come out on the legs due to circulatory problems or due to the excess weight supported by the legs. To avoid varicose veins you must avoid being in the same position for a long time, do rotational exercises with your feet, drink lots of water and walk every day. Baths with cold water and hot water are also effective and, above all, do not wear clothes that can fit.

Your baby is already 13 weeks old, measures about 12 centimeters and weighs about 60 grams. The lanugo, a kind of hair that serves as protection covers its body.

His nervous system has developed at a dizzying rate in recent weeks: the thalamus, hypothalamus and ventricles of the brain are already distinguished.

An ultrasound could already tell you if your baby is a boy or a girl since their genitals are perfectly appreciated. In this 15th week of pregnancy, the baby is very active, performs a lot of movements, swallows amniotic fluid and can even put his fingers in his mouth.

Your heart with all four chambers already formed are visible on ultrasound. The fetus already has a bladder and stomach.

Sometimes there is an Rh incompatibility between the mother, if she has Rh- and the son, when he is Rh +. What can happen in this case is that the blood of both come into contact, antibodies can be created against the baby's Rh +. This event does not have any type of symptoms and it will be the doctor who obtains this information as a result of the clinical analyzes.

The treatment in these cases is a vaccine for the mother with Rh- in the 28th week of pregnancy and as for the baby, the medical staff will be pending at the time of birth to assess a possible Rh incompatibility and act accordingly.

The second trimester is a period of emotional quiet. Gone are the first moments when you felt overwhelmed and cried about any little thing or felt irascible and angry for no great reason. You are more adapted to your new situation and the torrent of emotions has passed. However, you could in week 15 of gestation, be more forgetful and cluelessIt's normal, take with humor all those things that you forget throughout the day.

Do you feel like eating at all hours? Would you open the fridge and devour everything inside? There may be days when you have a voracious appetite or develop a craving for sweets and chocolate, but you should not lose the perspective of eating a balanced diet.

Carbohydrates should provide more than half of your daily calories. It is what will give you the necessary energy in the fifteenth week of pregnancy. You will find them in vegetables, fruits, fiber, green leafy vegetables, minerals and vitamins.

Proteins help the creation of blood cells. Proteins are present in lean meats, chicken, fish, eggs, or nuts.

Fats should not be eliminated from your diet although you do have to control an excessive intake. Fish are rich in Omega3 fats, but watch out for tuna or swordfish as they contain a lot of mercury.

The vitamin supplements that your doctor has prescribed help you meet the needs of your body but it does not hurt that fruits are part of your daily diet.

Rest is essential throughout pregnancy. You have to try to sleep 8 hours in a row at night, try to create a routine and go to bed and get up at the same time. Do not drink stimulant drinks at night and wear very comfortable and non-constricting clothing to sleep. Best sleeping posture will be on your side, on the left side.

Many pregnant women have strange dreams in pregnancy: that their baby has malformations, the moment of delivery arrives, they lose their baby. They are nightmares that reflect the anxiety or concerns of the woman in the 15th week of gestation.

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