Sea spaghetti with prawns and chirlas

Sea spaghetti with prawns and chirlas

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Grandmothers recipes always help us to resolve many conflicts in the feeding of our children. With traditional wisdom, for example, we can make a pasta dish, which children love, that also includes fish.

Children will thus be more willing to try fish, which they usually reject. offers us a recipe for sea spaghetti with prawns and chirlas (mollusks similar to clams, smaller in size), for lunch or dinner for children.

  • 300 gr of spaghetti
  • 100 gr of prawns
  • 125 gr of chirlas
  • 1 glass of white wine
  • Olive oil
  • Salt

Tips: Instead of chirlas you can use clams, mussels or another type of mollusk.

1. Bring water to boil with a little salt to cook the pasta. Meanwhile, wash the chirlas and prawns well, and peel the latter.

2. Pour a splash of oil into a frying pan and heat over medium heat. Add the prawns and the chirlas well drained, leave it a few minutes to sauté, stirring from time to time.

3. Add the white wine, let it evaporate and form a sauce.

4. Drain the spaghetti when they are done and add them to the pan, leave the whole to laugh for a couple of minutes so that it takes on flavor.

Recipe by Isabel Velasco, Jerónima Ruiz, Lugerica Pérez, Juana Santa María and Leonor Corzo

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