Weaning the baby. Tips to stop breastfeeding

Weaning the baby. Tips to stop breastfeeding

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Weaning, that is, the end of breastfeeding and the introduction of new foods in the baby's diet iscause of controversy and it varies based on many aspects, from medical to social.

When to stop breastfeeding, how to stop breastfeeding the baby, reasons to say goodbye to breastfeeding ... How to wean the baby.

If you think it is time to wean your baby, you may have some doubts: is it really the right time to wean the baby? How do i do it? How can I introduce solid foods into my baby's diet?

Weaning. Weaning is the process that ends breastfeeding and it is recommended to carry it out from the sixth month of the baby's life, when solid foods are introduced little by little.

When weaning comes. Who decides when to wean the baby. When the baby is weaned. Causes of weaning. When is the end of breastfeeding in babies?

Fruit porridge for babies. Babies can start taking fruit porridges from 6 months of age. In Guí we give you some ideas of baby food and purees, for their feeding month by month. There are many fruit combinations that can get your baby to try new flavors and textures.

When and how to introduce solid foods. After five months, the baby's diet begins to change. Fruit, cereals are introduced ... and solid foods? From when can we give the baby solid foods?

Tips for weaning the baby. How to wean the baby, that is, how to get out of the habit of breastfeeding. Many moms opt for it when their maternity leave ends and they have to go to work.

Baby's first foods. Weaning implies the end of breastfeeding and requires the introduction of the first porridges and solid foods in the baby's diet. Tips for introducing the first porridges in the baby's feeding. How to know the best time to stop breastfeeding your baby.

My son does not accept the biebrón. When the baby does not want a bottle. The partial weaning of the baby, sometimes, is complicated, because he is not always willing to give up his mother's breast. Starting to offer them the bottle is not always easy.

Return to lactation after weaning. How to get a return to breastfeeding after weaning. Some babies stop breastfeeding for a time and then demand breast milk again. This return to lactation is known as 'relactation' or 'relactation'. We explain what it consists of and why it occurs.

Puree recipes for babies. Porridge and purees begin to be included in the baby's diet from five or six months. A great time for parents, and a key moment in the child's development, so it is very important to include as much variety as possible. Prepare one of these delicious baby puree recipes for your little one.

Feeding the baby with a bottle without regrets. Many mothers have regrets about not being able to breastfeed their baby. For whatever reason, they end up wondering why they couldn't breastfeed and if this will make their child sick more easily or have a weaker bond with the parents.

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