9 recipes for healthy and nutritious first courses for children

9 recipes for healthy and nutritious first courses for children

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On our site we propose different recipes for first courses for a full children's menu. These are healthy and nutritious recipes for children to eat healthily.

If you do not know what to cook and how to prepare a healthy menu for your children's diet, take a look at these ideas that we propose, with them you can compose a weekly menu of first courses for your children.

Here is a selection of recipes for first courses so that you can prepare a complete menu for your children.

Vegetable and chicken soup. Soups, creams and purees are one of the best foods we can eat on cold days, like this children's recipe for vegetable and chicken soup. Quick and easy recipe for children's dinner.

Noodle soup with fish balls. Fish is important but the 'little ones' don't usually like it. Here you have a noodle soup with fish balls, an original and fun recipe for children. Simple fish and noodle soup recipe for kids.

Spinach cream. Easy recipe for cream of spinach with bechamel, for children who need more energy. Rich and easy recipes with vegetables for children. Cook this delicious spinach cream with the children. Spinach with béchamel cream, an ideal dish for children.

Cream of zucchini. How to make this zucchini cream recipe, with many vitamins. our site offers us a recipe for a simple, light and very healthy dinner, ideal for children and pregnant women. Easy zucchini cream recipe for kids.

Spaghetti carbonara. Spaghetti carbonara is probably one of the most popular and popular pasta recipes, and one of the children's favorites. For this reason, we have prepared a light and very creamy recipe that everyone in the house will love. In addition, it is very easy and fast to prepare.

Rice with zucchini. Rice with zucchini. Light recipe for children. Light and rich zucchini risotto for babies and children. Guiainfantil offers you a quick and easy recipe to make for the little ones in the house. Zucchini is one of the most nutritious and high-fiber foods for children.

Caesar salad. To regain a balanced diet, you have this recipe for chicken Caesar salad, a well-known recipe for children, who surely enjoy its special sauce. Caesar salad recipe for children.

Grilled eggplant. Snacks can be harmful to a balanced diet, we suggest some slices of grilled aubergine with tomato, a recipe for children as a healthy and vegetarian snack. An ideal starter or aperitif for family gatherings or celebrations.

Baked potatoes. Learn how to make this delicious and healthy baked potato recipe, easy recipe for children. Potatoes contain many nutrients and provide energy for children, prepare them in a simple and natural way in the oven with cream cheese. Baked potatoes, an ideal recipe to accompany at Christmas.

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