Card with bouquet of snowdrops. Mother's Day Crafts

Card with bouquet of snowdrops. Mother's Day Crafts

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The bouquets they are a very common gift for moms on Mother's Day. A more economical and durable option is this bluebell bouquet card, a very cheerful and colorful gift that children can make.

You only need colored cardboard to make a nice gift to moms. In addition, this craft for children is very easy, we show you step by step how to make this beautiful flower card.

  • Light blue cardstock
  • Pink cardstock
  • Green card
  • Pink ribbon
  • Pair of scissors
  • Glue
  • Pencil
  • Marker pen

1. Cut out the template with the pieces of the flower bouquet, which you can find HERE.

2. Cut a 24x16 cm blue card. and fold it in half to make the card. You can also use an A4 folio folded in 4 parts.

3. Mark the pieces of the bouquet on pink and green card stock. Make three flowers, three stems and three leaves, or whatever you like.

4. Cut out all the pieces carefully with scissors.

5. Glue and place the pieces on the card. First, glue the stems well distributed, so that they are united at the bottom. Then add the leaves at different heights.

6. To shape the flowers, put a line of glue on one edge of the card and fold it on itself, forming a truncated cone. Squeeze a little so that it sticks well.

7. Glue the flowers and glue them onto the card to match the flower stems. Make a pink bow and glue it at the bottom.

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